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La gourmet Nonstick Shogun Twister Family Set


Shogun® Twister Family Set will revolutionized the way people cook their food. Most people cook their food. Most people waste a lot of energy as the lost gas and heat never make it to cook your food .Shogun® Twister cookware is innovated from outstanding engineering that delivers benefit to the environment.


UNIQUE Features of Shogun Twister Family Set by La gourmet® :

  1. Body: Every piece of the cookware is cast from molten aluminium resulting in a thick gauge body that provides excellent conductivity heat for tasty cooking.
  2. The Unique TWISTER BASE TECHNOLOGY :Shogun Twister is cast from molten aluminium with embedded twister grooves at the bottom of each cookware. It is individually crafted to perfection for optimum heat conductivity for that perfect tasty cooking.

3 .

i) The Twister MAXIMIZES HEAT & FLAME TRANSMISSION by directing most of the fire into the base of the cookware. The’ twister’ bottom trap the heat in each grove which is conserved and conducted throughout the cookware – making cooking faster and tastier. For normal cookware most of the Heat is channeled to the sides of the cookware where its wasted


iii) THERMAL HEAT STORAGE EFFECT – The special spirals heat up and stores thermal energy which is   transmitted to the cookware.


  1. TRITANIUM PRO NON-STICK COATING from Germany is a A NEW EVOLUTION of non-stick coating with ceramic reinforcement.   After which the process is further reinforced with granite particulars to make it tougher and more non-stick and durable that before. Its Tougher. The coating is naturally non-stick, scratch resistant, durable, easy to clean, heats evenly, cooks healthy and completely safe.

4.1. Multi-Layer systems

4.2. Reinforced with ceramic & granite particles

4.3 A guarantee of high abrasion resistance.

Benefits of Shogun of Shogun Twister Cookware by La gourmet :

  1. Easy-To-Clean surface

2. Environment Friendly

  1. Scratch resistant
  2. Safety – tested and approved by International Testing Bodies such as LFGB & FDA
  3. Tritanium Ultra Plus non-stick have been tested and approved by Stiflung Warentest, Germany
  4. Healthy Oil-Free Cooking
  5. Completely Safe – LFGB & FDA approved

La gourmet Shogun Twister Family Set Consist Of

– 32cm x 11.5cm Stirfry Wok With Glass Lid ( 4.95L)
– 24 x 11cm Casserole With Anti – Spill Glasslid and Silicone (3.8L)
– 24 x 7.2cm Deep Frypan (2.25L)
– 16 x 8.5cm Saucepan With Glass Lid ( 1.25L)
– Brush 21.5 x 6cm In PP + Nylon Material


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