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La gourmet® Sakura 1.8L Thermal Food Jar With Pressure Release


A new style of cooking. The La gourmet Sakura Plus 1.8L Food Jar uses the latest technology and innovative design to produce a cooking experience like no other. Prepare delicious healthy meals for you and your family with this environmentally friendly cookware. Saving the planet never tasted so good!

Brand Philosophy Of La gourmet is to provide the consumers we serve with the highest possible standard of Quality Living Lifestyle for Today and Tomorrow.

How Do We Achieve This?

– by providing VALUE and making available QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices.

– by innovation and continuous development of La gourmet cookware and products that are :

  •  functional
  • energy saving
  • eco – friendly
  • hygenic to cook on and use
  • sustainable
  • versatile

Specifications :

Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Structure
La Gourmet Thermalware is made of double walled vacuum pumped stainless steel. It has a very good heat reflection effect. Steel can reflect the heat and the vacuum can provide insulation.

-Vent – Close vent when keeping warm. Open vent when opening.
-Heat-Insulation Cover.
-Inner Bowl Vessel* [0.52L] -Body Vessel* [1.8L] -Stainless Steel Body.

Name: 1.8L Pressure Release Thermal Food Jar
Heat Retention: 70°C for 6 hours, 56.5°C for 12 hours
Bottle Material: Inner/Outer Stainless Steel
Heat Insulation Cover: PP
Inner Vessel Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: Main Vessel 1.8L & Inner Vessel 0.52L
Food safe: Complies with the German Food and Commodities ACTS LMBG Sec 30 & 31

-Stainless steel vessel and bowl cannot be microwaved*.
-No carbonated drinks.
-Do not put in stove or microwave.

Warranty : 5 Years

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