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La gourmet Glass Tea Warmer


La gourmet® Tea Warmer

With a passion for things pure and beautiful, La gourmet® proudly presents the Tea & Coffee Collection by La gourmet® to all who loves to drink Tea & Coffee, or even just plain water.

This beautiful glass Tea Warmer will keep your tea warm for 2-3 hours with a tea light candle . Not only does it keeps your tea hot, but also compliments the amazing

blossoming display in your teapot, Made of hand – blown, curved glass, the Light my Fire tea warmer is designed to reflect the traditional tea rituals celebrated by ancient Chinese and Japanese culture.

The soft, rounded shape serves to highlight the teapot placed on tip. The stainless steel warming plate holds the teapot aloft. The circles provide ventilation as well as design details. This warmer is great for ceramic teapots as well.

Use And Care

  • La gourmet® Tea and Coffee Collection is very heat resistant.
  • As the glass is clear, cleaning is easy as at a glance you can see if it is clean or not. Water and a mild liquid soap are sufficient.
  • Glass is not porous and does not retain any previous tastes after washing.

Warranty : N/A


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