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La gourmet 0.6L Borosilicate Double-Walled Glass Coffee Press

Glass is Pure and Beautiful, Glass is Hygienic Lifestyle.

With a passion for things pure and beautiful La gourmet® proudly present  Tea & Coffee by La gourmet® to all who loves to drink tea & coffee and even just plain water. La gourmet® uses not just glass but borosilicate glass which is known for very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making the Tea & Coffee Collection resistant to thermal shock, more so than any common glass.

Use and Care :

  • La gourmet Tea and Coffee Collection, made from borosilicate glass is very heat resistant.
  • As the glass is clear, cleaning is easy as at a glance you can see if it is clean or not. Water and a mild liquid soap is sufficient.
  • Glass is not porous and does not retain any previous tastes after washing.
  • For Long Lasting Beauty and Durability : –
  • Do not immerse a boiling hot teapot into very cold water. Dropping the teapot onto a hard surface will also cause breakage despite borosilicate glass high durability. If the Tea & Coffee item does break, it does not shatter like normal but crack separates into large pieces.

Warranty : N/A

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