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La gourmet 1.5L Glass Teapot with Perfect Stainless Steel Filter

La gourmet® Tea & Coffee Collection owns high quality transparency and provides great elegance and joy to its owners.

The Coffee & Teapot infuser and plunger is made from 304 stainless steel that is finely crafted to complements the beauty and transparency of the La gourmet® tea/coffee pots. The infusers also comes in a choice of finely crafted glass for those discerning users that enjoys only glass and wanting only the best flavours.

Tea drinking is an art. To draw out the best flavor of tea you need the right infuser and the perfect teapot. There are many blends of tea and using glass teapots with glass infuser will draw out the right strength that appeals to your tastes and senses. Teas can literary bloom in front of your eyes, providing a form of theater that will perfectly complement that special occasion.

Coffee drinking is a great social occasion and using glass percolator eases the task. Glass coffee pot is pure and you will get the full aroma of coffee without any aftertaste of other ceramic pots that absorbs and retains the odor of previous brew.

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