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La gourmet® 4.0L Truly Oriental (IH) Induction Claypot

Truly Oriental (T.O) Claypot is crafted using traditional ceramic art form and modern high technology. T.O Claypot has been fired at the high temperature of 1300 C which result in a durable Claypot that is toughened to withstand extreme temperature changes from high heat to sudden cold.

Material Colour: Heat Resistant Ceramic
Volume: 4.0L
Stock Code: LGMCWTO 090706

* Truly Oriental toughened Claypot is made of high heat resistant ceramics
* Fired at a high temperature of 1300 C
* Can be subjected to high acidic or alkali usage
* The original and natural flavor of food and taste is further enhanced
when using T.O. Claypot
* Very hygienic, safe and excellent for healthy and nutritious cooking
* Eco and environmental friendly cookware
* Gas stove, microware oven and oven safe

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