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La gourmet® 4.5L Black Truly Oriental Toughened Claypot With Ceramic Lid

Truly Oriental (T.O) Claypot is crafted using traditional ceramic art form and modern high technology. T.O Claypot has been fired at the high temperature of 1300 C which result in a durable Claypot that is toughened to withstand extreme temperature changes from high heat to sudden cold.

Material Colour: Heat Resistant Ceramic
Volume: 4.5L

  • Truly Oriental toughened Claypot is made of high heat resistant ceramics
  •  Fired at a high temperature of 1300 C
  •  Can be subjected to high acidic or alkali usage
  •  The original and natural flavor of food and taste is further enhanced when using T.O. Claypot
  • Very hygienic, safe and excellent for healthy and nutritious cooking
  •  Eco and environmental friendly cookware
  •  Gas stove, microwave oven and oven safe

Use & Care
-Fill water in pot before placing pot on stove. Always use medium flame to heat up. Once heated, use low flame to cook in order to bring out the best flavor in cooking.
-While using an Induction Cooker always use medium temperature to heat up and low temperature to cook.
-For double boiling, always use low heat after the water has boiled. This will allow the ingredients to be fully cooked and the soup would be highly nutritious and tasty.
-Once cooked, off the fire to cool down pot before removing. As the pot retains heat, please use protective mittens when handling the pot.

-While using an Induction Cooker NEVER heat an empty pot as this may damage the pot.
-Avoid dry-frying, deep frying, stir frying and roasting if using on induction cooker.
-Avoid using metal utensils to avoid scratches.
-When cooking starchy food, do not cook or leave it unstirred for a long period of time.

-Use small amount of cleaning detergent to clean the pot. Always clean the pot immediately after use to prevent grease from sticking to the pot which will affect the pot’s performance. Do not use abrasive cleaners or heavy duty brushes which may scratch the pot.
-Do not immerse the entire pot in water for a long period of time.
-Please handle the pot with care and it will give you many years healthy and aromatic cooking.

Warranty : N/A

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