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La gourmet Shogun Granite 24 x 7cm Tempura Wok with Tritanium Ultra Non-Stick Coating from Switzerland , IH



Unmatched Durability
Shogun is manufactured with a 8 layers system with special ceramic reinforcement on the mid coat and on the base coat on specially prepared substrate. It is again further reinforced with granite particles on the top coat to provide a non-stick coating with unmatched durability .

Professional Chef’s Choice
* Long lasting non-stick capabilities.
* Fast to heat with good conductivity throughout the pan.
* Easy to clean and easy to cook.
* Meets the needs of Professional Chef

Excellent Heat Conductivity and Energy Saving
Body of the cookware is fully cast gauged aluminum which allows excellent heat conductivity that spreads out the entire body of the pan. This reduces the amount of energy needed for cooking.

Safety and Healthy
Tritanium Switzerland meets the highest safety standards and quality assurance and complies with all major International Regulations, FDA and European standards for food contact use . Tritanium is produced by the biggest swiss non-stick manufacturer.

1st Layer:
High resistant top coat applied wet in wet Tritanium Ultra non-stick

2nd Layer
Wet in wet coating reinforced with granite particles

3rd Layer
Wet in wet 2 coating with special particles

4th Layer
Highly ceramic reinforced base coat

5th Layer
Highly ceramic reinforced base coat

6th Layer
Cast aluminium core that provides excellent heat conductivity even heat distribution

7th Layer
High heat exterior coating

8th Layer
Encased with Dot Induction


This cookware is warranted against any manufacturers defect for 2 years. This does not cover against scratches, blisters of the non-stick due to persistent high heat and aggressive cooking. Normal wear & tear on the non-stick is also not covered.


Before first use , wash the pan thoroughly in warm soapy water with a non-scratch scrub. rinse , dry and its ready to use

The die-cast body of the Shogun non-stick cookware has great heat conductivity, so please use low to medium heat. Start with medium flame and turn to low flame once cookware is hot.

Do not overheat an empty cookware over high flames as it can cause damage to the non-stick coating over a period of time. Just heat and cook immediately.


After use , please clean interior cookware with dish drop and a non-scratch sponge.For stubborn stains or burnt food please put some water and dish drop inside the cookware and boil on small flame to loosen stubborn stains. Remove ,wash clean and dry .

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