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La gourmet Shogun Granite Plus 28cm Stirfry Wok with Glass Lid, IH

Shogun Granite-Plus is teh premium range of cast aluminium cookware with Tritanium Ultra Plus 9 layers. The 5 layers non-stick coating is reinforced with ceramic and granite with 3 colours sparkles from Switzerland. The balance 4 layers comprise of the cast aluminium core, substrate, exterior high temperature coating and cladded with a 18/0 stainless steel induction base.
Shogun 9-layer system is the professional range that chefs recommend as “Must Have”.

Body : The bottom is die cast aluminium from 4 to 5mm thick gauge and the sides of the body is from 2mm to 3mm

Bottom : Cladded with polished induction bottom

Interior : Coated with Tritanium Ultra-Plus which is 5 layers non-stick coating that is reinforced with ceramic from Switzerland.

Exterior : Specially prepared substrate on the cast alluminium core with high temperature coating and cladded with polished induction.

Tritanium Ultra-Plus from Switzerland meets the highest safety standards and quality assurance. It complies with major International Regulations, F.D.A and European standards for food contact use. Tritanium Ultra Plus is produced by the biggest Swiss non-stick manufacturer.


  1. Long lasting – Tougher and durable professional non-stick coating
  2. Safety – Tested and complies with all major International regulations for safe food contact use, USFDA, LFGF European standards.
  3. Excellent heat conductivity and Energy Saving.
  4. Stay cool handles and sturdy grips.
  5. Healthy cooking
  6. Fast to cook, easy to clean
  7. Cooks on all stove tops

Before Use

    Before first use, wash the pan throughly in warm soapy water with a non-scratch scrub. If needed, you can also boil water in it for few minutes, throw the water away. Rinse, dry and its ready to use.
    The die-cast body of the Shogun non-stick cookware has great heat conductivity, so please use low to medium heat. Start with medium flame and turn to low flame once cookware is hot.
    (Note : Fire burnt your food, heat cook your food. So after heating, always cook on medium to low heat and finish cooking with high heat within the last few minutes only.)
    Do not overheat an empty cookware over high flames as it can cause damage to the non-stick coating over a period of time. Just heat and cook immediately.


  • After use, please clean interior cookware with dish drop and a non-scratch sponge.
  • For stubborn stains or burnt food please put some water and dish drop inside the cookware and boil on small flame to loosen stubborn stains. Remove, wash clean and dry.
  • Always clean the exterior of the cookware with dish drop non-scratch sponge. If stain is on the exterior cookware wash immediately. Do not burn the stain over the flame as this will cause the stain to be infused into the exterior cookware and will be difficult to remove. However this will not influence the performance of your cookware.

TRITANIUM Ultra Plus Non-Stick Coating
Reinforced with ceramic and granite particles resulting in a superior long lasting non-stick surface that is more durable than standard non-stick.

High Quality Tempered Glass
For easy viewing and reducing energy loss from opening the lid

Safety Handle Covers
Stay cool bakelite handle covers for safe and easire handling

Dot Induction Base
Suitable for induction stoves and all cook tops

Specially Designed Cast Alluminium Body

  • Superior heat distribution
  • Save up to 50% of energy than normal cookware as more heat retained

1st layer : Resistant Top Coat applied wet-in-wet Tritanium Ultra Plus Coating

2nd layer : Wet-in-wet coating reinforced with granite particles

3rd layer : 3 colours sparkles

4th layer : Highly ceramic reinforced Mid Coat

5th layer : Highly ceramic reinforced Base Coat

6th layer : Cast Aluminium Core. Provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution

7th layer : Specially Prepared Substrate

8th layer : High Temperature Exterior Coating

9th layer : Induction Base

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