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La gourmet 3R ‘Pack To Go’, 2 Tier 1.48L Rectangular Lunch Box with Stainless Steel Interior (White)

Take a moment to put your family first by packing food for them everyday instead of using disposable single-serve containers. Not only are La gourmet® Lunch Boxes 100% Hygienic and BPA Free but you will also be helping the Earth by conserving its resources and reducing waste.

Why buy La gourmet® 3R Products?

La gourmet® is committed to help protect our planet by producing products that promote a healthy lifestyle while helping to preserve the environment. La gourmet®’s “Love Our Planet” campaign is a choice that La gourmet® has taken to focus on products that are Eco-friendly.

La gourmet® 3R stands for:

REFILL – To refill and rehydrate our bodies.

REUSE – To cut down plastic waste by reusing our bottles & containers.

REDUCE – To reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the resources that we use by reusing La gourmet® 3R Products and finally recycling them.

La gourmet® 3R Products are healthy for both you and our planet!

100% BPA Free

All plastic components are BPA Free


Non-reactive, toxin free, non-leaching, unlined and clean tasting.

Vacuum Sealed

Airtight for better heat and cold retention.


Bust proof, leak proof & rust proof. *Extra thick gauge stainless steel body.

Food Safe

Safe for food contact


La gourmet®’s 3R Bottles motto: Refill. Reuse. Reduce is all about sustaining and preserving the planet’s resources.

Warranty : 1 Year

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